Hello and welcome to Health Lives Club.  My name is Juliet and I am a mom of two girls.  I’m also an entrepreneur who is passionate about healthy living and wellness.

I spent most of my childhood in the rural areas living with my grand parents where there is no pollution and the diet is mainly organic.  I rember our modest furniture which was made of simple rustic design.  Such furniture made our home look beautiful with natural and organic elements that brought such warmth to the interior.

We rarely got sick due to our rural diet that comprised of simple meals that were tasty and healthy.  Our rustic furniture with its eco-friendly charm provided a natural appeal to our home that no other type of furniture can equal.

Fast forward to present day, I have had my equal share of health problems due to old age, my present urban lifestyle and diet. I try my best to follow a healthy diet and do the right exercises. I still love rustic furniture and believe it or not! woodworking is my favourite hobby.

You will love getting my health & diet tips, strategies, methods, and products that aim to educate, encourage, support and inspire anyone who wants to live a happy healthy life style.

This website was created for people who are interested in taking charge of their health before circumstances remove the option.  It is vital to remember that good health is worth fighting for.

There are reviews of green products, woodworking and general health & wellness products that I have used or recommend.

I hope the information you find on this site is helpful and can assist you to enjoy life.



Email:- juliet@healthlives.club





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